January 2019

"BLUE offers up a tranquility which belies its true appearance."
~Anthony T.Hincks

NEW YEAR (AGAIN)....and now what? Honestly? We don't really know. Something. (Maybe.) Right now we are on hiatus as Kenny recovers from a knee operation. Once he is healed and good to go, then we need to make some decisions on a way forward. (Or not.) LOL! Let's just say it's a mystery at this point. Truth be told.....we still love music, but some of us are just getting tired of lugging stuff around. (OK, just one, and that would be Terry.) So, if we can figure out a way to make all of this happen without too much fuss - especially now that we do not have our roadie Elliott Mitro (RIP Elliott, we loved ya', man) - we might be back. Alternatively, perhaps we'll just play here and there once in a great while. Eeither way, we want everyone to know we have appreciated your support over the years! So......THANK YOU to all who support local music. (Not just us, but all of the other bands, too!)


February 2018

"Once in a BLUE moon something good comes along...once in a BLUE moon everything's not going wrong..."
~Van Morrison

NEW YEAR, NEW DEVELOPMENT! Aaaaaand new (younger) "blood" as well! Yes, that's right. Blue Monday would like (and would like all of YOU) to give a nice, warm, rock and roll welcome to our newest occasional member, Eleanor (Feinstein) Phalen! >>Queue applause/cheering<<

Yep! Eleanor is hoping to add some "spice" to the band in the form of background vocals now and again (and possibly, if we can talk her into it, some lead vocals as well), so that the rest of us can concentrate on playing our instruments on some of those trickier numbers. Besides that, she did such a bang-up job of singing on her Dad's CD (check it out - David "Rock" Feinstein - "Hail and Farewell" - A tribute to the great Ronnie James Dio) that we thought...HEY - the girl can sing! Let's give it a GO! And so we're doing just that. Because we can.

Yes, yes, yes...we's taking us a while to get back out. Apologies. But, we've all been horribly busy in our personal lives lately (and at times, otherwise out of commission)...see previous news. But we really are (honest-to-goodness, no foolin') trying to get back out. We even booked a gig! Yes, it's true, see our GIGS page for info. So, keep being patient, dearies - it's all coming together, and we are hoping to see you this summer! Maybe even for a Happy Hour of sorts at a FAVORITE local bar.....EASY STREET!


May 2017

"It’s a big wide world with a million shades of modern BLUE."
~Roseanne Cash

You want news? We've got news. Sidelined again. Something should be telling us to retire, right? But you know we're not quitters. Well, one of us might be leaning towards it (that would be Terry), but....the others are on we plod.

It seems that Brian has been sidelined again. Apparently the last MRI that he received (which, of course, kept getting put off by the powers that be.....and so he did not get the results until RIGHT after he accepted a new job, with a new company) shows that he's still got some shoulder issues going on (rips, tears, you know...all the "good" stuff) - and though he had been released to play a bit earlier, now it once again means that all drumming has to STOP for awhile.

We just can't get a break here!

But, as luck would have it, we have nothing but time, and so we will take it. Better to be safe than sorry with injuries. If we get back out, we get back out. If not, maybe go back to the acoustic idea. We don't really know what we can expect right now, so we can't say. Does it suck? It most certainly does! But it is what it is.

And that's all the news there is, at least for now. We'll keep ya' posted as soon as we know something, but if you have some good vibes, prayers, juju (whatever it is that you personally rely on) to send Brian's way, he'll take it.

And, thank you. We miss seeing everyone out "on the circuit"....but maybe things will work out in the end.


March 2017

"You're my BLUE sky, you're my sunny day."
~The Allman Brothers

OK, so is this the third or fourth time we said "NEVER SAY NEVER"?? Yeah, we're beginning to lose count, too.

Let's see.....last we spoke, the band was heading down a road to ditch our electric show and head into the acoustic music realm. But, with the (re-)addition of Kenny, we have decided to swing things back the other way. And let's just far so good.

We are, after all, 4/5 of Nasty Habit. We may not have "The Captain" anymore....but we still know how to rock, and ROCK is what we are going to do! So, give us a few months to whip some tasty little tunes back together (it will undoubtedly be a mix of Revolving Door, Nasty Habit, AND Blue Monday tunes, with some NEW...that is.....NEW TO thrown in for good measure), and we will be back out in the circuit before you know it.

Some of us keep trying to retire, but.....the music just keeps calling us back. What can we say?

And by the way...thank you to those of you that continue to ask the proverbial question "WHEN are you guys going to get OUT of the basement?!?!?" Well...hopefully no more setbacks this time, and let's remember, we actually DID play ONE show as "Acoustic Blue" back in January at the Homer Center for the Arts (thank you to Sheila Ryan Austin for getting us out of the basement for that one). Thanks to all who showed up for that fun little endeavor. We did post some pix on our Facebook page, in case you're interested, or don't believe that we really DID play out...LOL!!

We hope to be back out, and see all of YOU, real soon! If we book something we'll let you know!


October 2016

"See that big BLUE, note over there on the don't want to read that thing, man, it's a real get you down'er..."
~Toby Keith

As the popular saying on Facebook goes...."SMH". Blue Monday just cannot catch a break. Could we possibly be referring to Roger? Yeah, don't ask. And so we volley back over to Kenny. (Noting that once again, we've learned to never say never.) But here's the REAL change/kicker. Blue Monday is going to be heading down a totally different path for the most part. Different, as in ACOUSTIC. Yes, "Acoustic Blue" is gearing up.

We - that is - those of us who are left - are (as the old saying in Blue Monday goes) tired of "training new 'monkeys' (on lead guitars)." Not that we actually thought any of our former lead guitarists WERE monkeys (or, perhaps Monkees?)....well OK, maybe a few ACTED like monkeys sometimes....but.....anyway, we have decided to scrap full-powered shows (and heavy, cumbersome, full-powered gear) for an acoustic set list for the most part.

Acoustic gigs have kind of become a trend lately anyway, and in some places they are actually preferred now, so we are going to try our hand at THAT idea. Plus, you can do that stuff with a core of three people if need be (that would be Tom, Brian, and Terry....a/k/a the core of Blue Monday through all the changes over the years).

But as we mentioned previously, Kenny Romer is going to be coming on board, just for fun, and also for insurance purposes, just in case THE RODS (or someone else) ever decide to call on us to do another opener at some point....since (after playing together for so long) we are pretty sure we could throw something together for something like that fairly quickly. I mean, if you think about it, we are now once again operating as 4/5 of Nasty Habit,'s not like electric sets would TOTALLY be ruled out, but it certainly won't be the main focus for us anymore. It's just easier that way. And if this new idea doesn't work, then it doesn't work. We're at the point where (as much as we love playing) our main focus is to just have some fun. And we all definitely have enough other things going on in our lives to keep us busy these days.

As for Matt - he's going to be leaving town, but he is hanging in here for just a little while longer....we might even get a chance to get out and do a show before he takes off for warmer climates, but we will see about that. Only time will tell!

RE: Andy - though we haven't seen him in a while, we certainly aren't writing Andy off. ('Cause we DO like him, and hey, even though he is super busy with things up in Syracuse, he may pop back in at some point!) We all keep in touch on Facebook, just in case!

We urge you to stay tuned as the latest chapter in the Blue Monday saga unfolds!


June 2016

"All alone at the end of the evening....when the bright lights have faded to BLUE."
~Randy Meisner ("Take It To The Limit" - The Eagles)

As we plow our way through 2016, we are still re-building and refining Blue Monday into something a little it always is whenever we swap out band members. As mentioned in a previous news posting, we have added Roger Decker to the band, and we also have Matt Steele sitting in for a few tunes on vocals. And last but not least, we have Tony DeFranco (former I-100 morning man, and good friend) sitting in on the drums. For those of you that have not heard, Brian is out on the injured/reserve list (he had a work injury back in January that resulted in him having to have shoulder surgery, which translates to NO DRUMMING FOR A WHILE). Tony has been a real trooper, considering he is also currently working on a Ph.D.! may be needing to address him as DR. DeFRANCO!

But to get back to the band's progress, just know that we've been readying ourselves for another upcoming local RODS show opener, but are also planning to book some happy hour shows, and possibly (eventually) a full evening show, too. Whatever we can throw together! The hardest part about Blue Monday (besides the fact that we're all getting older) is usually that everyone is SO busy in their personal lives with their families and/or other activities and personal interests, that it is really tough for us to get in a practice with EVERYONE present for a rehearsal sometimes. But we persevere, and are doing our best, and when we are ready (hopefully by later this summer), we will certainly let you know. We haven't given up quite yet.

So, thanks to our fans for hanging in there through all of our ups, downs, lefts, rights, and obliques! We hope to see you (and play for you) soon.


January 2016

"The sky, the sky beyond the door is BLUE."
~Ryan Stiles

Never say never.

Wait, let us repeat that, with emphasis.


Remember when we said we would never ask Roger Decker to be in another band? Well, guess what? Yep...that's correct....we asked Roger Decker to be in another band. Now the past is in the past, but the reason we said that a long time ago was because at the time Roger was not ready for a (*ahem*) "committment" (to a band). LOL!!! But....since Roger has more than proven himself lately by being faithful in "Rocket"....we thought...."Oh what the hell, let's give it another go!"

That being said, Roger may be playing a show with us, if we open up for THE RODS in early April, before they head off to Europe for some big shows there.

But....(you ask).....WHAT ABOUT ANDY? (Well yeah....what about Andy?) Well, Andy is a VERY busy boy! He did not quit Blue Monday - at least not that we know of - but life sometimes gets in the way, and not only did he get a sweet new job at the Carrier Dome (that eats up a damn lot of his time now), but he is also a caregiver for an elderly relative, AND on top of all that, he also plays in a popular Syracuse group called "Mood Swing", (with his beautiful and talented wife Danielle might know her here in town as the female lead vocalist of "The Cafferty Band") and well, doing all of that just makes him unavailable to us sometimes.

So, on occasion, we will need to use another guitar player, and Roger just happens to fit in very nicely, so there you have it. We don't play very often anymore, so this should work out nicely for all parties involved, at least we hope it will! Guess that only time will tell!

Oh and speaking of absentees, we're sorry to announce that Lois Pfister has also recently become too busy (with "silly" stuff like playing in regional philharmonic orchestras and teaching private music lessons) to continue with Blue Monday on a regular basis. But you may still see her popping in and out on occasion, to play some fiddle, or sit in on bass, for a couple tunes. You never know.

We are also working on an little acoustic-y side project-y thing called "Acoustic Blue" in case you have not heard. More on that later, but we would like to let you know that with this new endeavor, we have invited two new people into the crazy circus that we like to call Blue Monday...and they are Sheila Ryan Austin and Matt Steele. Check out their bios and backgrounds (along with Roger's) at the bottom of our BIOS page, and be sure to be on the lookout for all of them, because we're hoping to have a fun time jamming this year!

And...that's all for now! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope the year 2016 is SPECTACULAR for you!


June 2015

"Hey BLUE, here is a song for you..."
~Joni Mitchell

Well, it turns out that opening for THE RODS at Suzy's Tavern in Auburn last April was actually "last call" for Blue Monday with Caleb. We'd like to say that Caleb has been a really fun addition to Blue Monday, and we all sincerely wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors, and also on his Tailor Made audition this month! He is young and has his whole life ahead of him - unlike us "old folks" - and so we encourage him to go out and find a band that is playing out more. We've been there, done that already!

But anyway, the other news is that what was slated to be our LAST show together as an electrified group has now become our FIRST show together with a BRAND NEW LINEUP!

Blue Monday welcomes Andrew Frazo from Syracuse on guitar for our set on June 20th for Dio Day Cortland. Call it a "trial by fire"....but we think Andy can cut it! After all, he's a well-seasoned musician, and has played for years in other great bands - one of which is Syracuse's own "Mood Swing" (and yes, he is still a part of that as well). Mood Swing also features one of our very FAVORITE "chick singers" in Central NY, too - that would be Ms. Danielle Rausa, also known as the frontwoman for (another of our favorite local groups) The Cafferty Band.

In any case, we are still "ON" for Dio Day, and for just being "ON" in general....and for right now, life just got a little more interesting! Let's just see what happens next.

If you want to hear Andy's playing (and Danielle's singing), click HERE for a video of Mood Swing (on Facebook).


May 2015

"It was a BLUE letter she wrote to me..."
~Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac

Thought we had a fantastic time opening for THE RODS at Suzy's Tavern in Auburn last April, all good things must come to an end. And we knew our time with Caleb would be short-lived. Perhaps we didn't think it would be THIS short-lived, age 19, Caleb is a lot younger than the rest of us and we can't (and wouldn't, even if we could) hold him back from more exciting opportunities. And so....this is "last call" for Blue Monday with Caleb.

Our last show together will be on June 20th for Dio Day Cortland. But, you may see the rest of us doing some acoustic shows here or there around town, or even a "pop-up" opener for someone (with a guest lead guitarist). You just never know, and really we can't decide if we want to putter around or just retire. Guess that's a decision for the future.

But until's "last call", and what better place for it, than Dio Day? Exactly. RIP Ronnie!


January 2015

"Feeling a little BLUE in January is normal"
~Marilu Henner

No need to feel blue this month when we are on the upswing to SPRING! The days are getting longer, and soon there will be rock and BBQ at THE HAUNT in Ithaca!

How do we know?

It's because we will be playing for their "Blues, Brews and BBQ" series on Thursday night, February 12th, from 6-9pm.

It is kind of a "maiden voyage" for a show on our own with our latest lineup, so (if nothing else) it should be interesting and fun. So, come on out and support us, if you will.

What's up next? Darned if we know! But hopefully whatever it is, you'll be there, too - keep checking the GIGS page, because we may have another RODS opener in the works at some point, too - you never know.


July 2014

"I need the shade of BLUE that rips your heart out. You don't see that type of BLUE around here"
~Cath Crowley, Graffiti Moon

We hope that you enjoyed on show with Bonfire: A Tribute to the Bon Scott era of AC/DC, because we definitely had some fun playing for you that evening.

Our next show is Friday, July 18th, with THE RODS at the Cortland Main Street Music Series! Hopefully the good weather will prevail and we will get rolling right around 6pm. Always a fun time on Main Street in Cortland on Friday nights in the summer!

Sitting in with us on Main Street for a few tunes will be Rob Romano, keyboardist from Bad Alibi - so come on down and watch the fun!

Hope to see all of YOU real soon! Keep checking back, because we are out and about now, and will be adding more shows to our gigs page!


May 2014

"Black and BLUE and coming for YOU!"
~Blue Monday Band (probably someone else, too, but we don't have a reference for that)

Blue Monday is bustin' outta the basement! FINALLY! We will be rocking at Night Owls in Cortland (well, really in POLKVILLE) on Saturday, May 31st with Bonfire: A Tribute to the Bon Scott era of AC/DC. Show starts at 8pm and we are on first, so get your butts down there early! And if that weren't enough, our ex-bandmate Kenny Romer is playing "Malcolm" in Bonfire, so that's an even better reason to come on out and listen to BOTH bands and have a good time. And remember, if you are planning to drink your face off, GET A DESIGNATED DRIVER!

Our next show after that will be on Friday, July 18th, when we will once again be opening for THE RODS at the Cortland Main Street Music Series! Let's hope for good weather, shall we? We're on at 6pm, so don't be late!

As promised, we will introduce you to guitar whiz kid Caleb Lazenby on lead guitar and the classicly trained Lois Pfister on bass and fiddle! And we will play some tunes you haven't heard us play (and others that you HAVE heard us play). So expect anything...because we like to mix it up!

We're still hoping to set up a double-bill with our pals Bad Alibi sometime soon, too, so, keep checking our GIGS page, because we just got our "get outta the basement free" card and we are heading out! Remember: May 31st - NIGHT OWLS at 8pm and July 18th - MAIN STREET CORTLAND at 6pm! BE THERE!


January 2014

"BLUE Monday - how I hate BLUE to work like a slave all day."
~Fats Domino (....also Smiley Lewis and Dave Bartholomew)

Yeah and you better believe that we ARE working like slaves right now, too! Trying to get together a fun and entertaining 90-minute set for July 18th, 2014 for when we will once again be opening for THE RODS at the Cortland Main Street Music Series!

You will meet our shiny, new members, Caleb Lazenby on lead guitar and Lois Pfister on bass and fiddle. And you will hear some tunes you haven't heard us play (and perhaps haven't heard anyone else play in quite a long time, either). We're not gonna tell you what they are, either! We want it to be a SURPRISE! And to quote Willy Wonka as we've done before..."The suspense is terrible....I hope it'll last!"

In any case, it's bound to be a TERRIBLY GOOD time, so mark your calendars, set your reminders, wind your watches (do people still wind watches?)....well anyway, just do what you've gotta do, because we're going to be BLASTING OUTTA THE BASEMENT soon enough.

Heck, who knows, we may even do a random show or two in the area. Yeah, we're even thinking about perhaps doing a double-bill with our pals Bad Alibi in the not-TOO-distant future. And as always, we are hoping to hit all the familiar local music-y places like Argyles Easy Street, Night Owls, and The Haunt. So, keep watching our GIGS page for updates, because hopefully we will see you SOON! Until good little kiddie-winkies, and stay outta trouble, because remember... if you're in jail, ya' can't come to the show! :-D


April 2013

He said: "Son, life is's either cherry red...or it's Midnight BLUE."
~Lou Gramm

Once again, Blue Monday is evolving. When you are our age, sh*t happens. What can we say. Sometimes people have time to do bands, and sometimes they don't. We had a great show with Marc Ryan at the Benefit for Rick Busutti recently (thanks to all of you who came out for that), but Marc is busy with several other projects around town and couldn't stay on as our lead player. We then thought perhaps we were going to be jamming with an old friend, Mike Butler, but then life dealt another hand, and now Mikey is a very proud father of a brand-spankin' new daughter named Sayge. So, since he'd like to enjoy his newfound fatherhood, we have instead decided to carry on with another local musician, whose name is Caleb Lazenby.

Brian was the one who brought Caleb's info to the table, as he has been jamming with Caleb in a local church band for the Grace Christian Fellowship Church out on Fisher Avenue in Cortland. Needless to say, one thing led to another, and when Mikey decided not to play after all, Caleb stepped right up to the plate and offered his services to us. And the rest will be history, once we write it!

So keep watching our GIGS page for updates, because hopefully we will see you SOON! We honestly can't wait to debut the new lineup. Hopefully this will occur by Fall, but as always, fate will decide that for us. We will be sure to put the word out when the time comes, though. Have a great summer folks, and we'll be in touch.


February 2013

BLUE morning, BLUE day, won't you see things my way?”

On the road again....

We're getting ready to play out, and thought we'd give you a heads up on that.

We are scheduled to play the Benefit for Burn Victim Rick Busutti which will take place from 1pm to 6pm at the 77 Club on Main Street in Cortland on Saturday, March 23rd. Hope you can make it out, because sitting in on lead guitar will be Cortland's VERY FAVORITE guitarist, the incredible, extra-special, and most-amazingly talented....MARC RYAN. That being said, it's bound to be a fun time, so don't miss it. We will playing from 2pm to 3pm, and as we speak, we're trying to line up one more band to play from 4pm to 5pm. We're also looking for someone to run sound from 2pm to 5pm, so if you know anyone that could donate their time for that, please let us know. Thanks!

One more minor detail. We are seeking a lead guitarist (yep, again)...did I mention STRIKE THREE back in the April newsletter? I think I did. Anyway, no matter, and no hard feelings. Movin' on. Let us know if you are interested!

As always, be sure to watch our GIGS page for updates, because hopefully we will see you SOON, with whoever decides to take the ride with us! No whiners, drama llamas, egotists, or drug addicts need apply. If that's the case, we'd rather retire. Too old for nonsense. Thank you, and goodnight.


January 2013

“Under a sky that hasn't been BLUE for weeks.”
~Hillary Frank, I Can't Tell You

And once again, it's been a LONG DAMN TIME since the last BLUE MONDAY newsletter!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah (as The Beatles would say).....we will try to be more "regular" with these newsy things this year. That's one of our New Year's Resolutions! Will we keep this one? Who knows...resolutions...they're made for breaking, no? LOL! Anyway, we have ourselves YET ANOTHER new member, lest you have not heard. Here's her bio:

Lois Pfister: Lois is a musician and teacher living and working in central New York. She lives in Cortland and plays violin professionally in Binghamton and Syracuse as well as Cortland. She believes in living life as as adventure, and gets discouraged when it seems she is not doing that. That is why she is trying her hand at Blue Monday! This is Lois's first adventure in a rock band, and she is looking forward to see where it might lead her.

And no...we did NOT fire Tom Beattie. Tom has decided to just be a singer in Blue Monday. Now, if we could just find a KEYBOARD player, I could just focus on rhythm guitar and singing. But, that might be a future "want" - for now we will see where this new transition leads us.

All in all, we're all excited for yet another new beginning, and to see where this will lead us. Hopefully, you will stick with us as devoted Blue Monday Band followers, and we'll all ride this crazy thing together to see where it goes! On that note, be sure to watch our GIGS page for updates, because hopefully we will see you SOON!


April 2012

BLUE no more.”
~Blue Monday Band Members reunion

Been a LONG DAMN TIME since the last BLUE MONDAY newsletter!!

Well, here we are again. Nope, nothing on the radar.....yet. But we've been inspired. Last year after nearly having a heart attack just after receiving an email from JR Motorsports, asking if we could play their holiday party in North Carolina in December (after we'd been on hiatus for a few months), we decided maybe we had better get our sh*t together and do something again. The problem was....WITH WHO??? As most fans knew, we were short one lead guitarist! So, enter a few possibilities:

Julianna Lyric. Nope. Julie (we love her) has pretty much retired into the world of nursing as far as we know. Hey, people have to make a living, you know? She's mega-talented, and we miss her, but...nope.

Kenny Romer. Nope. Kenny (speaking of heart attacks) is busy bouncing around with race/car oriented stuff and keeping his EXTREMELY busy plumbing business going. So, nope.

Billy Golicki. Nope. Billy....not really a lead player per se, but would have been fun to add. But everyone knows Billy's pretty much a loner. A rebel. (You get it.) Again...nope.

Jack Reep. Well....Jack was a SERIOUS consideration - he is an amazing guitar player. But, Jack is a Cornell student, and we want him to focus on his studies. Not only that, he'll be finishing up his studies in another year and then we'd have to start ALL OVER AGAIN, so....scratch that....nope.

Well then.....WHO....IS.....IT.....????????!!!!!!!???????????

Simple process of elimination here if you were paying attention. There's one ex-BLUE MONDAY band member name you didn't see above. Yes, that's correct folks....coming back for ROUND (and possibly STRIKE) THREE will be BLUE MONDAY co-founder DON HINSHAW. And as a matter of fact, Don was the reason FOR the band name, since he's always been "Mr. Blues Guy"....remember his hat?

But....and this is COOLER THAN COOL....also making appearances with the band on occasion starting this year (after his latest solo CD is all wrapped up tight) will be none other than DAVID "ROCK" FEINSTEIN of THE RODS - yep - you heard that right! I mean, think about it. RODS bassist Garry Bordonaro is in a cover band on the side, as is RODS drummer Carl why not Rock, too? Makes sense, right?

Which will make this next version of BLUE MONDAY pretty damn interesting. It is gonna rock...plain and simple. We have NO idea what we're going to do this time around, but you're bound to hear some stuff you wouldn't expect to hear, and I guarantee that the shows will contain fun. How do I know that? Because if it doesn't, we're DONE FOR GOOD this time. We're not getting any younger, and this starting over stuff is starting to become rather tedious and quite bothersome. So, whaddaya' say we all get together and have a good time later this year? YEAH, that's the spirit!! We *like* you guys, because you're always up for some fun!

So, on that note....keep doin' what YOU'RE doin', and we'll keep doin' what WE'RE doin', and we will see you as soon as we break outta the basement. No projected dates have been picked, but we're hoping for sometime this Fall. We'll keep ya' posted though, don't worry, so be sure to check back here for the latest news, hmm kay?


March 2011

BLUE oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me.”
~William R. Benet

Hmm. I bet there's a RODS show coming up, because we're getting a BLUE MONDAY newsletter!!

...And if some of you were thinking that,'re right!! But, that's not all we have on the agenda. Let us elaborate - here are ALL of our UPCOMING GIGS for 2011, thus far:

Sat., MARCH 12 - THE HAUNT - (opening for THE RODS) - Ithaca, NY - EARLY SHOW - doors open at 6:00PM (and Blue Monday will be starting at around 6pm) - $10 cover - this is one show that will be TOO HOT TO STOP! The Rods will be playing songs off from Rock Feinstein's latest CD called "Bitten By The Beast", and also from their own forthcoming CD - "Vengeance".

Sun., MARCH 20 - BENEFIT FOR THE VIRGIL, NY YOUTH COMMISSION at the Cortland American Legion, to raise funds for the VIRGIL SUMMER CONCERT SERIES (and Farmer's Market - which runs from July to August each summer in Virgil, and is held behind the town hall on Church Street on the gazebo) - Cortland, NY - Noon to 6:00pm (Blue Monday will play 4:30pm to 6:00pm - other bands/time slots include Chain Reaction from 12:00pm to 1:30pm; Steve Southworth and the Rockabilly Rays from 1:30pm to 3:00pm, and Doin' Time from 3:00pm to 4:30pm) - COVER: $3 cover for individuals OR $5 cover for families

Sun., APRIL 10 - BENEFIT FOR RICHARD AND ETHEL BENNETT at the Cortland American Legion, to raise funds to help defray the cost of Ethel's recent heart surgery - Cortland, NY - 1:00pm to 6:00pm - COVER: To Be Determined

Band schedule will be as follows:


Blue Monday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Tink Bennett and Tailor Made from 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Dog Soldier from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Sat., JUNE 4 - SUPER CRUISE (7 Valley Street Rods car club event) - Hope Lake Lodge - Virgil, NY - ALL DAY EVENT (several bands will play that day - check back for additional info) - No cover

Hey, how about we make it a CONTEST for you, how many shows can EACH of you get to? Can you attend ALL of 'em? Heck, why not TRY?

OK, we'll give you some incentive. The show with THE RODS is gonna rock...plain and simple. THE RODS always deliver. The benefit on March 20th contains some great entertainers, and it's for a good cause. The benefit on April 10th is a benefit that MOST of the people in this area SHOULD attend, and here's why. If you have EVER asked for a benefit in this area for yourself or someone else, I am willing to bet that "Doin' Time" band (and Dick Bennett) have helped you out. And now it's YOUR TURN to help HIM out. And there's NO reason why you shouldn't - this is a great chance to GIVE BACK...but besides that, you have three Cortland-area bands signed on for the event, and each one has promised to rock your socks off that day, so NO EXCUSES. The last show listed is in June, and it is going to be a HUUUUUUUUUUGE event, and LOTS of fun. All kinds of souped-up classic cars, and (once again) tons of great music ALL DAY LONG. The best part? It's all FREE!!!

So....that's all we've got for now, but check the web site, because things change all the time. And on that note, GET OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN...with US!


September 2010

“Whenver I feel BLUE, I start breathing again.”
~L. Frank Baum

*GASP*.......shall we start this month with an entry from Sure, why not!


creative differences
1. (euphemism) Interpersonal differences within a group of musicians etc; sometimes cited as the reason for disbandment [or, in Blue Monday's case....perhaps yet another change in the lineup]

Deja Vu. wait, let us re-state a favorite quote from our July news: "Some people say we are never the same band twice. And those people just might be correct, but does it really matter? We're having a BLAST! Hope all of you are, too!"

That being said, let's get down to the real news.

Summer...where did you GO? Well, it's not the "OFFICIAL" end yet, but hey after Labor Day it's pretty much over, ya' know? Don't despair though, 'cuz there's still plenty of fun stuff coming up that you can do. Fer'instance, we're already planning fun things like heading up to Hollenbeck's in Virgil for some cider, a trip to Candor to the Iron Kettle Farm...and let's see, what else?? Hmm.....oh yeah, how about ANOTHER RODS SHOW LATER THIS MONTH! If you've never been to Suzy's Tavern in Auburn, then I suggest you hop over onto Google Maps and get yourself directions, because THE RODS will be there, with BLUE MONDAY in tow on Saturday, September 25th! Show starts at 9:30pm, cover charge is $5.00, and it's gonna be a good time, so don't miss it!

We're still plugging away at getting our full shows on the road as well, so after the RODS show is done on the 25th, we're hoping to add some more local (Ithaca/Cortland area) gigs to our calendar. You may or may not see Billy and or Julie jamming onstage with us at some of our upcoming shows - they pop in and out as they see fit, so it's always a surprise for you AND for us! Just keep watching our official web site for details of where we'll be playing. I daresay we're about due for a happy hour show at THE HAUNT...and maybe a stint at EASY STREET in Cortland at some point, too. But there are a few other places asking us to stop by, so we'll let you know about all of that as soon as things become official. Heck, we may even be spending New Year's Eve in North Carolina if THAT gig actually comes to fruition. Who knows....we take things day by day. Just having some fun.

Soooooo....on that note, we hope to see YOU at Suzy's on the 25th!


July 2010

“Oh! `darkly, deeply, beautifully BLUE, / As someone somewhere sings about the sky.”
~Lord Byron


Some people say we are never the same band twice. And those people just might be correct, but does it really matter? We're having a BLAST! Hope all of you are, too!

As you may have heard, we rocked 'em at The Haunt last month, and we had SO much fun with Billy Golicki that we asked him to join the band. Now we all know that Billy is somewhat the "free spirit" musically...but the good news is that he has agreed to play shows with us, so...we are going to enjoy that while it lasts. That being said, Billy AND Julie will be back (on and off), as the madness continues. Thanks to all the fans who came to The Haunt show to support us, and special thanks to those who took some spectacular pix and videos for us: Rose Sharpe, Linda Contento Schmidt, Pam Hinshaw, Lisa Burdick, Jeff Endler, Teresa Smith-Dennis (a/k/a "Terr-i"), and Rob Romano (from Caught In The Act Productions). We will be posting the fruits of their labor on the Blue Monday web site's Multimedia page as soon as Terry gets off her duff and works on that!

Our next musical endeavor will take place on Friday, July 23rd when we open for THE RODS at Cortland's own MAIN STREET MUSIC SERIES. The festivities start at 6pm when we take the stage (Billy will kick things off), followed by the raw power of THE RODS! Don't forget that THE RODS are still letting the fans author their "RODS RABID FANS SET LIST" - so, submit your requests to them here:  - do it soon, as they are working on requests now!!

Then get ready, because Blue Monday shows are being planned/booked for this Fall, as are a few acoustic-ky, side-project-y things that various members are putting together on the side. Watch for the band and the band members....we'll be out and about very soon. UNTIL THEN...ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!

We'll see ya' around....


June 2010

Nothing but BLUE I see...

SUMMERTIME!! Outdoor shows, BBQ, ice-cold beverages.....AAAAaaaahhhh!!! But yet....somehow it just feels like something is missing from that lineup. Hmm. Whatever could it be?

Hey, I know.....RODS SHOWS!!!!!!!

Yep, we'll be opening for them not once this summer, but (at least) TWICE. Even better, these will be special RODS shows, because it's their 30th Anniversary. These shows will be unique, one-of-a-kind shows, tailored especially for true RODS fans. One half of each special show will feature brand new, original songs from THE RODS' forthcoming album, "Vengeance" as well as songs from guitarist David "Rock" Feinstein's fantastic new CD "Bitten by the Beast". AND, they're letting fans author their "RODS RABID FANS SET LIST" - submit your requests to them here: 

Saturday, June 19th at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY will mark the kickoff of the official RODS 30th Anniversary shows. Blue Monday will be opening at around 6:00pm that evening, with SPECIAL GUEST Billy Golicki on bass and vocals.

Then, on Friday, July 23rd we will once again be opening for THE RODS - this time for Cortland's own MAIN STREET MUSIC SERIES. We'll hit the stage around 6:00 or 6:30pm, and then THE RODS will take the stage shortly thereafter, soooooo.....MARK YOUR CALENDARS, INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS, AND SPREAD THE WORD!

We're also gearing up for Blue Monday shows for this coming Fall, get ready, because we're chomping at the bit to get back out there and play for ya'.

We'll see ya' soon....


March 2010

Between the devil and the deep BLUE sea...

Whaddaya' gonna do when ya' have to let a really great bandmate go? Well, first you get totally bummed out that they are leaving....but then you pick yourself up off the ground and call up a really great OLD bandmate and see what they're up to. And that is what we did. In all honesty, it actually took the passing of a very dear mutual friend to draw us all back together. ***RIP Mr. Steven Barnes***

In any case, the cryptic message here is.....Don Hinshaw is back, complete with his [magic?] hat.

No, no, no, no, no...Kenny's not gone. But, we ARE extremely sad to report that Ms. Julie has had to leave us. She is very talented, and a TON of fun, and we miss her a lot. The GOOD news is she's not COMPLETELY gone - she's just crazy don't be surprised if she turns up now and again to sit in. We're giving her honorary band member status and leaving the door wide open in hopes that someday her work schedule will calm down and she can come back to jam with us. As you can see, many people have left, and many people have returned. Have we ever been the SAME band twice? Ha ha ha ha ha!

All that aside, in case you are wondering what the rest of us have been up to since the last show back in's the scoop. We've been letting Kenny rest (some of you may have heard he had a heart attack last August)...and so he is getting stronger every day, and is planning to make his return to the stage on Friday, July 23 when we will once again be opening for THE RODS - this time for Cortland's own MAIN STREET MUSIC SERIES. We'll hit the stage around 6:00 or 6:30pm, and then THE RODS will take the stage around 7:30 or 8:00pm, soooooo.....MARK YOUR CALENDARS, INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS, AND SPREAD THE WORD!

We'll see you there.


November 2009

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE!!

Something old....well, that would be old school ROCK....(and, sadly, most of US...haha).

Something new....that would be Ms. JULIE, our latest addition to the band!

Something, that's reserved for our lead guitarist for this show, Tim (Flynn) Hylton!

....and....something BLUE.....that's self-explanatory, or so I would hope!

We're emailing a newsletter to all of you today because in exactly ONE week, we will be hitting the stage at THE HAUNT in Ithaca, to open for our good friends THE RODS! You will not want to miss this show, it's going to RAWWWWWK! Tickets are $10 and the doors open at 6pm. If you listen to Kat Walters on I-100 this week, you might win a free pass! So, tune in to her show mornings on I-100 (99.9FM)! You can listen online, too...just visit: - I don't know if WVBR is giving away tickets too...but you could listen to Peter Knight and find out:

So, back to the details. We'll hit the stage first, probably around 6:30ish or so, and play for an hour to an hour.5 and then THE RODS will blow you away with their raw, vintage metal power! All of this will be followed by The Haunt's Sat. night DANCE party.

Many of you are asking, so I will report to you that (sadly) Kenny will not be playing this show with us, as he is still on medical leave from Blue Monday. The good news is that he is recovering nicely from his heart attack (thank you for your emails, cards, and letters) we will see if we can get him to return sometime in 2010. We do plan to book a debut show for the new lineup at LUCKY'S in Cortland as soon as we're ready....and we will keep you posted on that idea.

So for now, mark your calendars for Saturday, Nov. 28....because THE NIGHT LIVES TO ROCK! INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND SPREAD THE WORD!

Book your motel rooms, hire your designated drivers, and pack yer bags NOW, because you don't want to miss this show!


August 2009

And so another page has turned in the book of Blue Monday, and a new chapter is beginning. But this time we had to go back to go forward. Let us 'splain.......

When we formed Blue Monday a few years back, some of you may recall that we were pretty excited to be adding a SECOND CHICK ROCKER to the lineup. Then...due to circumstances beyond the control of any of us, she was unable to participate.

But guess what....THE TIME IS NOW....her name is JULIANNA LYRIC, she is here, and she's ready to get crackin'! Julie's info is up on the Blue Monday web site, and our first band rehearsal is this week. We are assembling the game plan now, and as soon as the summer festivities wind down we plan to get down to business and learn a whole show's worth of songs to deliver to all of you.

Speaking of shows, for those of you who came out to Inner Harbor in Syracuse for our opener on August 5th, THANK YOU - we hope you had a great time there - we sure did, and a big thanks to Bill Hatch for sitting in with us. We loved rockin' out with THE RODS and SKID ROW, and rumor has it that an attendance record was broken that day with over 10,000 fans attending! Our pix are on the web site if you want to see 'em!

In any case, everyone had SUCH a good time that we have once again have been invited to open for THE RODS! So, mark down November 28th (a/k/a the Saturday after Thanksgiving) on your calendars, as we will all be returning to The Haunt for a command performance! Joining us on stage once again will be guest guitarist Tim (Flynn) Hylton, so DON'T MISS IT!

Stay cool, and we will see you soon - we cant wait for you to meet Julie - we know you're gonna love her just as much as we do!


July 2009

Yeah, I know, we've been taking a break over the know, camping, racing....yada, yada, yada. We'll be out and about again in the Fall.'s a quick UPCOMING GIG newsflash for ya'!

In case ya' haven't heard, we're slated to open for THE RODS and SKID ROW next Wednesday, August 5th, at Inner Harbor in Syracuse. It's part of the TK99 Hump Day Concert Series, we're on first, and from what I am told, the music runs from 5:15pm to 10:00pm. Soooo, get your butts up to Inner Harbor early and have some fun!

Show details:


Inner Harbor is just off of Van Rensselaer Street in Syracuse. Google map it, use Tom Tom, do whatever you've gotta do, just get up there! It's an outdoor venue, and pretty cool. For a pic, see:,_Syracuse

If that weren't enough (and don'tcha' think it oughta' be?)....on lead guitar will be Syracuse-area guitarist BILL HATCH, and Bill has promised to rock the socks off everyone there, so don't miss it!

On that note, we'll see YOU there!


May 2009

Hey there folks, how has spring been treating ya' so far? Good? ...GOOD! We don't know about all of you, but the Blue Monday band members are just a'buzzing around doing a zillion things. Besides practicing diligently, we've also been busy with fine-tuning race cars, cleaning up camp sites, and working like dogs!

Speaking of dogs (OK yeah, cheesy segue here, but it freakin' works, so go with it).....all you "WILD DOGS" should make plans now...because less than two weeks away is our show with our good friends THE RODS! The show date is Saturday, May 16th at The Haunt in Ithaca, and joining us onstage for that show will be another former band mate of Terry and Tommy's, Tim (Flynn) Hylton! Tim is traveling from his new hometown of Staten Island, back to his former hometown of Cortland to play some kick-ass rock with us. Tickets for the show are $10 at the door, and doors open at 6pm. It's an EARLY show, so don't be late! And it's bound to be a packed house, so again...our advice is to get there early!

For more info about the show and also about the DVD that will be filmed that night, visit:

We sure hope you can make it, because this will be Blue Monday's LAST show for a little while. Summer is a horrendously busy time for the four of us, so there is absolutely NO way we will get a chance to work up a regular show for you until sometime later this year - maybe around October or so (if then)! So get your cute little hiney-ho's out to see us on May 16, and be ready to rock, because THE RODS are going to blow the doors off the place!

On that note, we'll see YOU at The Haunt!


March 2009

Well folks, Don has decided to leave us, due to personal commitments. It is an unfortunate turn of events, but we wish him well, and hope that someday he is able to find the blues band of his dreams.

OK, that was the sad news. The GOOD news is that we are welcoming back a good friend, and former bandmate, KENNY ROMER! Kenny will be stepping in as Blue Monday's new lead guitarist, effective immediately.

We will probably have to get back to the basement for a little while, but we assure you that we will be out and about again in no time. As a matter of fact, we have FINALLY booked a show with THE RODS! The show date is Saturday, May 16th at The Haunt in Ithaca, and joining us onstage for that show will be another former bandmate, Tim (Flynn) Hylton! Tim is traveling from his new hometown of Staten Island, back to his former hometown of Cortland to practice with us and to play some kick-ass rock for you.

And, that's the news for now. Stay tuned for the next episode of "As The Drum Rolls...." (also known as NEVER A DULL MOMENT IN LOCAL ROCK AND ROLL)!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE CHECK OUR WEB SITE's GIGS PAGE FOR UPDATES....with the exception of the show with The Rods (which Don was not planning to play for anyway) we will obviously have to regroup, so we may have to cancel or postpone some shows over the next month or so, but....we will post that info on the web site, so be sure to check before heading out to a venue.

We'd like to thank our partners, iGuitar and Coffee Mania for their continued support (and great products) - we hope that all our Blue Monday fans will help us to support both businesses, since THEY help support local bands and music!!

On that note, we'll see you as soon as we get ourselves reorganized!


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